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Jobber 6 Tutorial

Requires Macromedia Flash Player. If it is not already installed on your computer, visit the Macromedia website to have this installed. This is a FREE utility. The download page will open up in a new window.

System Requirements:

  • Macromedia Flash Player (FREE)
  • Broadband connection (cable/DSL) for best results

As most of you already know, the Jobber 6 is the most advanced construction calculator on the market. However, after attending numerous trade shows with people who already own a Jobber 6 and many phone conversations, it became apparent that a large majority of Jobber 6 users only use about 20% to 30% of the calculator's potential. I can't tell you how many times we have heard the line "I never knew it did that".

The purpose of this tutorial is designed to help you to become more acquainted with your Jobber 6 calculator. It consists of 18 lessons of the most commonly used tasks (see list below) as well just getting acquainted with the special 0-15 keyboard.

With the tutorial, learn how to:

  • input dimensions using the 0-15 keypad
  • perform basic math
  • access the 6 dimensional format modes
  • solve triangles
  • solve Circles & Segmental functions
  • solve Circles using Segmented rise functions
  • use the Rake-up function
  • use the Rake-down function
  • calculate volume (concrete)
  • calculate volume of a cylinder
  • solve triangles in metric
  • percentage-slope-degrees
  • calculate board feet
  • lay out spaces with subtotals
  • calculate miter cuts
  • square up anything
  • figure hip and valley roof systems
  • calculate stairs

You will notice that most of the tutorials follow certain pages found in your Jobber 6 Instruction manual. Always refer to your instruction manual for additional examples and illustrations.

Instructions For Viewing online

Each lesson corresponds to a number. To play a particular lesson, choose that number from the list at the bottom. Placing the cursor over any number will tell you what that lesson is (see image).

If you want to access this main menu page after each lesson, simply hit the "refresh" button in your web browser.

The flash player consists of 2 buttons, a "play" button and a "pause" button. Both buttons are located in the bottom far left corner. If you pause a lesson, just press the "play" to resume.

Just a side note:

The tutorial will open in another window. You may have to temporarily turn off your pop-up blocker or simply allow pop-ups for this website.


Clicking on this image, you will open another window to view the Jobber 6 Tutorial.


Download It:

Now you can download the Jobber 6 Tutorial to your computer. The tutorial is in a .zip format. You will need Winzip, PKzip or other zip program to unzip it. Your computer may already have a program pre-installed.

It has been broken down into 7 separate zip files due to its size. (38mb)

Main_TOC.zip (52kb)

This file must be unzipped first. Once unzipped, there will be a folder called "loadedmovie". All lessons that are downloaded need to be unzipped and placed inside this folder to work properly.

lessons1_3.zip (10mb) Contains lessons 1 thru 3 (see list above)
lessons4_6.zip (7mb) lessons 4 thru 6
lessons7_9.zip (5mb) lessons 7 thru 9
lessons10_12.zip (5mb) lessons 10 thru 12
lessons13_15.zip (2mb) lessons 13 thru 15
lessons16_18.zip (6mb) lessons 16 thru 18


Should you have any questions, problems or concerns viewing the tutorial, just drop us an email at jobber@jobbercalculator.com.